Stone Tower

Tower Swap News

Note: If you play on or, you were playing an old version! Get the latest version in the App Store or Play Store. With new items!

  • v57

    Game Update September 24, 2023:

    • Added: Volume sliders
    • Added: Two-speaker (spatial) sound playing.
    • Added: Undo button on screen.
    • Changed: Undo is possible on your last swap with Safe Day End.
    • Changed: If you Use Item during day end, it can match-3 before night.
    • Changed: If you get disconnected then click quit, you still get a prize.
  • v56

    Game Update September 4, 2023:

    • Added: Use an item any time, even during night!
    • Added: The little builder might want to use an extra item for you.
    • Changed: Asks if you're sure before tossing away a tower.
    • Fixed: The merchant sometimes wants to sell again.
    • Fixed: There is less lag when logging in and when loading clan high scores.
  • v55

    Game Update June 1, 2023:

    • Added: Anyone can post short messages to the clan.
    • Added: You can write a 1 liner of text on your profile.
    • Added: The merchant sometimes wants to buy your towers.
    • Changed: Matching 4 treasure chests gives you more swaps than opening one.
    • Changed: Quit Game and Quit Clan buttons ask if you're sure first.
    • Changed: Account settings are on a new page, rather than on your profile.
  • v54

    Game Update May 2023:

    • Changed: Safe mode has 3 settings now. 1. Wait at day end. 2. Doubletap to open treasure chests. 3. Prevent tossing away towers.
    • Changed: Silver treasure chest has 70 swaps again. Gold has 380. Swaps will only be reduced when a new item is added to the game to make it easier to beat old scores.
    • Fixed: Social links.
    Note on iPhone if you want to play a podcast at the same time as tower swap, you have to unmute sound/music then mute them again then play the podcast again.
  • v53

    Game Update May 2023:

    • Added: Short clan descriptions.
    • Added: Clan activity feed.
    • Added: View clan before joining.
    • Added: Safe Mode: Double-tap required to open treasure chests.
    • Added: Safe Mode: Waits to see if you want to open a treasure chests before each nightfall.
    • Added: Ability to toss away your towers. (when not on Safe Mode)
    • Changed: Clan logo can only be changed by the clan chief.
    • Changed: Inactive clan chiefs will lose thier chief status soon.
    • Nerfed: Reduced swaps from silver/gold treasure chests by 7%. Gold chests had too many swaps. Sometimes you could use the swaps to make another gold chest and go infinite. To reduce gold chest swaps, silver chest swaps must also be reduced or it would be pointless to save up to gold, because you'd be better off always opening the silver immediately for 70 swaps.
    • Note: Dragon amount/difficulty/AI has not changed at all in over a year. Dragons spawn in random positions regardless of your defenses.
  • v52

    Server Update January 2023:

    • Added: Faster Server!
    • Note: Emails on the new server might go to spam. Let us know.
  • v51

    Game Update November 2022:

    • Added: You can filter the list of clans by amount of members.
    • Added: A travelling merchant! Can you find him?
    • Fixed: Clan list shouldn't get cut off after 900 clans.
    • Fixed: Deleted users shouldn't be clickable.
    • Fixed: When going to a profile and the server fails, it shouldn't log you out.
    • Fixed: Long usernames should be trimmed in the clan view.
    • Fixed: Clicking on your other prize chests while getting war chest shouldn't do anything.
    • Fixed: Buying from inventory screen shouldn't gray out the buttons forever when the server is slow.
    • Fixed: If you finish playing the war level a week after starting it, you shouldn't be allowed to replay the last week's war level again.
  • v49

    Game Update July 2022:

    • Added: New level: Path Castle! Coming to war in a few weeks.
    • Added: New report/delete account features.
    • Added: New clan shield types! 3 color!
    • Changed: Login loads faster. But is it still working for you? Let us know on facebook or reddit or discord.
  • v46

    Game Update October 2021:

    • Added: You can merge items in your inventory to upgrade them!
    • Added: Undo swap animation. Note: you can only undo your move if your move didn't cause anything new to drop in. Otherwise you could undo just because you didn't like what fell in, and then do something else instead.
    • Changed: Ballista graphics look more unique and animated.
    • Changed: The castle's armed towers now target the dragons better to not waste arrows.
    • Changed: Profile now shows your highest score ever, instead of your highest since joining your clan.
  • v44

    Game Update September 2021:

    • Added: Great Genie!
    • Added: Genie avatar!
    • Added: Clan wars!
  • v40

    Game Update July 2021:

    • Added: Clan shields! Create your custom clan logo!
    • Added: Clan members sortable by score.
    • Added: An option to open an old prize chest to make room for the new one you're getting.
    • Added: A refresh button to the shop, so you can see new items.
    • Changed: The shop only lets you buy each item once.
    • Changed: The game now always runs at the same speed on all devices. It will skip frames when lagging.
    • Fixed: A bug was logging people out in the middle of their game.
  • v39

    Game Update June 2021:

    • Added: A bonus swap when you chain 3 or more matches at the same time!
    • Changed: Checks more things to prevent cheating.
    • Fixed: A bug where a piece would disappear into the water when it wasn't next to the water.
  • v35

    Game Update June 2021:

    • Added: Avatars!
    • Added: 4th mother dragon so you can score in the 4000s now!
    • Added: Sortable list of clan members by most active.
    • Changed: Ice walls to be stronger by popular demand!
    • Fixed: iOS weekend battle showing wrong level.
  • v34

    Game Update May 2021:

    • Added: New special item, the anvil! Drag a resource into it to upgrade.
    • Added: Player profiles. Tap on any player's name.
    • Added: Ability to see a player's final defense. Tap on a score.
    • Changed: Cannons now prefer more to shoot the direction they were pointing. Tap to flip.
    • Changed: Gold and silver arrow towers are now smarter about what they shoot.
    • Changed: Your messages now show whether or not they came from battle mode.
    • v33

      Game Update April 2021:

      • Added: A new level called Cannons Castle!
      • Added: 2 headed dragons!
      • Fixed: Golden dragon! It deals on damage, and it drops gold when you hit it.
    • v30

      Game Update March 27, 2021:

      • Added: Ability to buy extra starting hearts for your castle!
      • Added: Vibrate effects on Android!
      • Fixed: A bug where sometimes the devil wouldn't give you anything.
    • Game Update March 17, 2021:

      • New Item: TNT! Tap to blast away everything you don't need!
    • Game Update March 11, 2021:

      • Added: Devil's deals you can randomly find! Trade hearts for defenses!
      • Fixed: In the iOS app sounds would sometimes stop working.
    • Wiki created!

      • Started by Virtual Nomad
      • Includes defenses, strategy etc. You can contribute to it also.
    • Game Update June 18, 2020:

      • Now available in the App Store and Play Store!
      • Added: New ice wall art.
      • Fixed: Menu display shifting on iOS.
    • Game Update May 11, 2020:

      • Added: When you lose connection to the server, it now tells you and lets you retry.
      • Changed: Different artwork for prize chest vs in-game swap treasure chests, so that it's less confusing.
      • Changed: Made it harder to hack your score.
      • Fixed: When tiles fall in to make a match, they now always join into the one that fell most recently.
      • Fixed: Leaderboard not showing to new users after their first play.
    • Game Update May 8, 2020:

      • Added: New level! Isle Castle.
      • Added: Now can arm the castle's towers with arrows!
      • Added: Privacy policy and blog link.
      • Added: More castle art and water art.
      • Changed: Tier 2 defenses are not iron anymore, they are now bronze. Tiers are now: 1. The resource with some wood, 2. Bronze, 3. Silver, 4. Gold.
      • Changed: Ice Wall and Ice Cube instead of Crystal Tower.
      • Fixed: Notification amount display.
    • Game Update April 25, 2020:

      • Added: Match-4 and Match-5 sound effects.
      • Added: Can now buy resources, not just defenses.
      • Added: Show preview of next challenge on friday night.
      • Fixed: Using the same inventory item twice.
      • Fixed: Display of chest menu while unlocking a different chest.
      • Fixed: King display duplicated on tutorial and on ad chest gold.
    • Game Update April 10, 2020:

      • Added: Weekend battles! Every weekend there is a global tournament playing a different level.
      • Changed: Better speech bubbles.
    • Game Update March 19, 2020:

      • Added: Lords of the leaderboard! Top 3 scorers in your clan get gold bonuses when other players in the clan play.
      • Added: Scrolling menus.
      • Added: Notifications menu.
      • Changed: High Scores only shows the best 1 for each player.
    • Game Update January 25, 2020:

      • Added: Chests as rewards!
      • Added: Personal inventory of defenses you can use when you start a level!
      • Added: Shows how many goals you've achieved on each level icon.
    • Game Update November 21, 2019:

      • Added: Shows the score rank you just got even if it's not in the top 9.
      • Change: Castles repair instantly.
      • Change: Only show top 9 scores.
      • Change: Overworld zoomed out again so you can see all levels.
      • Change: Removed twitter link. They suspended my account for no reason. I have never even tweeted. I appealed and and no respone. First they claimed that you don't have to supply a phone number to use Twitter. This is a lie. If you don't confirm a phone number they lock your account and say your account did "suspicious" activity. This is another lie. And you must confirm a phone number. They do this on purpose for the goal of harvesting user information.
    • Game Update November 8, 2019:

      • Change: New ledge art.
      • Change: New shallow water art.
      • Change: New cloud art.
      • Fix: Scrolling clan list of members all the way down.
    • Game Update October, 2019:

      • Added: You can now buy starting defenses with gold!
      • Added: You can now scroll clan member list when there's a lot of members.
      • Change: You can now repair the castle past 5 hearts. This will make repairing with stone more useful.
      • Change: Silver and gold chests give more swaps. This will make it worthwile to save up chests.
    • News September 19, 2019:

      Switched to AWS! The database loads much faster now! I really had to switch from HostGator because they have a security module in effect that you can't disable. It's supposed to help prevent hacks, but what it does is block any input that contains a left arrow and a quotation mark. So if a user enters "hi <3" the request is blocked and your PHP never runs.
    • News September 9, 2019:

      Working on converting the server to Amazon AWS. This will speed it up. The host right now is pretty slow. And it's annoyingly slow to go into the database.
    • Game Update September 2, 2019:

      Tower Swap is now running on OpenGL! Now it should be 60 FPS on all devices that are supported. My old Android tablet used to run the game at 11 FPS, now it's 60! The game used to use the CPU to render the images. That was bad because on Android it doesn't give the full CPU power to web pages. So even if the game was a native app, it still considers it a web page because it's running JavaScript. My Android tablet can run a 3D canvas game with a lot of polygons but it can't even display a simple 2D canvas scrolling tile map without lagging. Gotta make use of that GPU.

      Also, now when a dragon gets hit with an arrow, it turns red, instead of blinking. This is now possible because I'm using a webGL shader that supports color tinting.

      Hopefully all this openGL stuff didn't break anything for anyone.

    • Game Update August 8, 2019:

      • Fixed: Prevented your browser from recommending your password when it shouldn't.
      • Change: On the tiny isle level, it now only requires 1 dirt to expand the ground. The level was too hard, impossible to get all 3 trophies. Technically not impossible actually, in theory it could just keep dropping gold 1000 times in a row and then you get 600 swaps.
    • Game Update July 2019:

      Added high scores! Added clans!
    • Game Update June 2019:

      Added the tips on the loading screen:
      • Towers shoot at dragons in all directions.
      • Drag things off the side, if you don't want them!
      • It's a puzzle game!
      • Dragons come every night!
      • Defend the castle!
      • Dragons are fascinated that your mouth can make water!
      • Don't let the dragons burninate the countryside!
      • Always remember that you can repair the castle with stone!
      • Don't tickle a sleeping dragon!
      • Rome wasn't built in a day.
      • When you match-4, you get an extra swap.
      • Match 3 wooden chests to get a silver chest!
      • You can quickly open a chest to stop night from falling.
      • Drag dirt into shallow water to increase your land space.